June 2019

Search Engine Action Plan


The basis of your campaign

High findability of your website is closely related to optimization of conversions (bringing in concrete leads and customers). There are more than 200 factors that determine organic positions within search engines. That is why it is important to start every (SEO) campaign with a solid search engine action plan. What exactly does it mean to have a search engine action plan?

First of all, a search engine action plan simply maps out the search behavior of your target group (the search term analysis). After all, the possibilities for search engine optimization are unlimited. As indicated, there are more than 200 factors that can play a role in the organic positioning of your website within the search engines. With a well-mapped search engine action plan, you create order in the maze of possibilities. Keep seeing through the forest between the trees, and don't get confused. In the previous blog about search engine advertising, we always emphasized how important it is to be strategic and thoughtful when it comes to optimizing your position in the search engines. A tightly directed search engine action plan is part of this and is essential for a successful campaign.

What important questions does a well thought-out search engine action plan answer?

  • Which search terms does my target audience use? The search term analysis.
  • Which search terms match my objectives?
  • Does my company's website sufficiently match these search terms?
  • How does Google view my website?
  • What needs to be done to get to the top of the Google search engine?

The answer to these questions undeniably leads to more insight and control on increasing your conversions: bringing in more leads and customers. At our SEO Agency we have repeatedly emphasized that measuring is knowing. And that starts with a good search engine action plan. How are you doing now? What is your goal? Where are your customers located? And how do you best reach it? With a solid search engine action plan, you determine what should be achieved with your search engine optimization (also known as an SEO baseline measurement). With this baseline measurement you get direct insight into the findability, the visit and the performance of your website. This way your powerful points but also your pitfalls are discussed. And more important: you gain insight into where the opportunities and possibilities lie for you.

In order not to keep the term 'search engine optimization' too vague, we can distinguish three pillars (or building blocks) that specifically affect the position of your website in the search engines. These three pillars form the foundation of the search engine action plan.

The three pillars:

  1. Technology: analyze the technical status of your website and focus on areas for improvement.
  2. Content: through keyword research, analysis of the content on your website and writing new / improved content for your website.
  3. Authority: an analysis based on your competition with a subsequent action plan.

A good search engine action plan takes the aforementioned building blocks (technology, content, authority) as a guideline and expands this with more specific action points that will provide even more depth and insight into the position of your website.

We believe that a strict search engine action plan must meet the following action points:

  • A search term analysis with an overview of all search terms relevant to your company.
  • The keyword research also includes how often search terms are used and the current position of your company's website for each search term.
  • An analysis of the content and technology of your website.
  • An analysis of the links on other websites that currently refer to your website.
  • A proposal for the search engine optimization strategy including planning.
  • If desired and valuable: a proposal for search engine advertising and remarketing.

Now that the foundation has been laid, you can start with the real work and start building structural findability, which should lead to more leads and customers. Know that a solid search engine action plan will lead to insights such as:

"Through the action plan, I found during the search term analysis that my customers use different search terms than I expected."
"I thought my customers were looking for 'wall insulation', but it turned out that people were looking for 'sound insulation' much more often."
"It turned out that Google couldn't even search our website because of a minor technical error."

What are you waiting for? Come on, get started!

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